Elizabeth Humphries

Fine Art graduate of Norwich School of Art 1976 to 1979.
Elizabeth Humphries has been a practicing artist for over twenty years exhibiting in many venues both nationally and internationally. She has shown work in private galleries and large public spaces, solo and shared exhibitions
Elizabeth lives and works in Norfolk, UK.

Elizabeth's work is essentially European. Using muted, earthy colours, repetion and overlap she employs expressive signs such as a cross composed of diagonal line. These elements and her images of clothing emphatically folded and creased remind us of the contemporary Catalan artist Tapies. Elizabeth, whilst following in this tradition of artists using 'matter' has her own highly individualistic journey.
In this era where so many visual artists are preoccupied with the digital and with irony, we find an idealistic artist finding a way of connecting with a timeless, commenting on time, humanity and that which is innate. (by artist Eleanor Wood)

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Elizabeth Humphries is represented by:
The School House Gallery, Wighton, North Norfolk
Jill Bishop Contemporary Art, Halesworth, Suffolk
and is a member of norwich 20's group u.k.

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